Hello world!


fellow bloggers, I came to this site in a very unusual way. I dreamt the name of a woman and got up and put it into my search engine. Turns out this woman “Kirsten Lamb” is  a very gifted and accomplished writer trying to assist other writers. I decided not long ago, to go for gold and follow my heart. I have always loved writing but never had the opportunity to do it, full time.

I am in the process of writing a book and so far have 26,000 words or there about. Do you believe in syncronosity, the idea that we should follow meaningful connections? Well I do and that is why I followed mine that morning. I had read the day before a peice written by one of my favourite writers Paul Choelho, a brazilian writer who advises, that writers should learn from each other. So that is what I plan to do, I am looking for people to learn from and hopefully I will return to favour to them. So anyone out there who can assist me please do so, I would be very grateful for your input.

Love and light



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