What makes you happy?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?; or have you thought to yourself, if I just get this promotion at work, or  buy a new house I will be happy. I suppose what makes people happy depends on where they are coming from and who they are. For example if you are a teenager you may think that being friends with the “in crowd” and having an attractive or handsome girl/boyfriend will make you happy.

What if you are older still, maybe having an affordable pension to live on and a retirement plan, would make you happy. What happens when we leave this life is that we leave these things behind. Imagine if you were to look back over your life and review it after you had died, what would make you happy then? Yes, you would feel good that you gave your family a good life but what about the other things?

How about the school plays you missed, when you had to work late?

What about your lonely parents that you rarely visited?

How do you feel about saving and planning all your life and living simply to save for your retirement; and one of you dies before you can do all those things you both planned to do, because of overwork?

I suggest the things that we look back on and feel good about will be similar to the list below;

Watching your child/grandchild being born.

Watching your child learn to ride a bike.

The day you married the love of your life and the special moments you shared.

Following your dream i.e. to become a writer, doctor, dancer, artist.

I am not saying we should not enjoy material possessions but we must be aware that these things are fleeting and trancient. When we are thinking about such things we are either in the past remembering what we did not have; or in the future planning to get them. The only moment that exists is now the present moment. Wherever you are in the world now, take some time to look at the spectacular things around you;

Your children playing.

The birds singing.

take time  to “Smell the roses” take 5 minutes out of your busy day to connect with the present. You will be glad you did! If you look at the angel on my page she is called the “Angel of Love” and she is reaching out to you all to say “stop, look, feel and share love with each other while you can.

Love & Light

Athena x


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