Hope speaks

Hope is a precious thing, without it we are lost in a world where no one cares.

Yet, with it we can move mountains. It inspires us onto better things and lifts us up where we should be. We have dreams and goals when we have hope in our lives and we can take others with us, as it speaks directly to our souls. It enables us to fulfill our potential and puts joy in our hearts.

What happens to the people who do not possess hope? They have nothing to strive for and are lost wandering through the desert of life, parched, lifeless, directionless. How hard that must be for them to cope with this, on a daily basis. Where are these people? Well they are everywhere all around us, they could be the person sitting next to you, your neighbour, friend or a member of your family.

One of the greatest gifts we can give each other is hope, for it is love in action. A selfless love that asks nothing for itself but gives unconditionally. So today if you can, take a little time to give the gift of hope. As it is when we reach out to each other with genuine love, that miracles occur.

Love & Light

Athena x


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