What can love show us?

Let love into your Life !

Love can show us many things if we allow it into our lives. Sometimes, if we have been very hurt by others we may block the receiving and giving of love. If we have experienced past relationships that were abusive or where people have taken advantage of our loving nature; it can be very hard to trust again. However, if we allow ourselves to give and receive love we open ourselves to a wonderful place, where we are able gain much more than we lose. Getting there depends on our perspective on life and we can change our perspective anytime we choose to.

Life is a journey and we are continually adapting to the changes we encounter all the way. If your own experience of love has been lots of heartache and pain, then look at it again and see what this love was teaching you. Did it teach you more about what you do like and what you don’t like? It is not until we have a bad relationship that we are able to recognise what a good one is, for one cannot be measured without the other. Remember the first step towards love begins by loving ourselves as much as we love others and not less. Often, after a difficult relationship we get stuck in the mode of blaming ourselves.

“Why did I let this happen to me?”
“Why didn’t I see what was going on.”

Maybe the answer to those questions, are, that you trusted that person and gave them you heart. It happened because you gave that person the benefit of the doubt. What does that say about you? It says you are a loving and caring person and you gave yourself to someone who wasn’t like that. Someone maybe who was not brave enough unlike you, to give their heart.

If you think about it, is that a good reason never to love again? Sure, you will need time to recover and get back to normal. It is during this time, you will ask yourself these questions. Remember instead what this love felt to you when you were happy, it no doubt made you feel alive and that you could do anything. That is one of the precious gifts love gives us, hope, exhilaration, positive expectation.

If you were speaking to a close friend or one of your children, would you want them to live their lives without ever feeling this? No, of course you wouldn’t so why would you deny yourself love. It is evitable if we are here to experience love in all its forms that we will be hurt along the way. If we let a bad example form the template of our life thereafter we will not be living authentically and will have let that person change the essence of who we are.

We can learn so much from love if we listen to it; really listen to the hidden wisdom within. We can gain understanding about what is good for us and what isn’t. We learn to compromise and find solutions that serve us all, rather than just ourselves. We can open the heart of another by demonstrating our love to them. It can make us less judgemental and more open. We learn to share and we learn to receive and we learn to trust; Our faith in love can influence others to experience love again.

Love comes in many forms it can be a loving relationship with a partner. It may be your love for your children, friends and family. If you allow in your life it will lift you up and you will receive much more than is taken from you. Allow the gift of love into your life and live your life as it was meant to be with happiness, freedom and hope.


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