What is your relationship with money?

Our relationship with money can say a lot about our lives. It can be many things;

* It could be the main focus for your life.

* You may feel you have little choice but to think of money constantly, because you struggle to survive on a daily basis.

* Alternatively, you may be someone who has enough money to do whatever you wish.

* There are also a few people to whom money is the least important thing in their lives.

Whatever group you fall into you will find that it says a lot about you personally and where you are in your life at this present moment.

If the acquisition of money is the main focus of your life; you may find it imprisons you and stops you from appreciating the world around you. You may spend a lot of your time running after that elusive deal or protecting what you have from others. You may have big fences to protect the things you have bought with your money, like your house, car and other possessions. One day you may realise that you gave the people you love a good life but where rarely part of it. You will never truly live in the present as you will be too busy looking at the next deal or what other people have and how you can do better than them. You will most probably attract more money to you but you will just be acquiring a superficial reality. If you do not know your children and they have grown up without you realising it; or if your wife/girlfriend leaves you for someone who spends time with her, what good has amassing all that money done you. What if you find the only thing your partner is interested in is what you can give them, how would that make you feel?

When you don’t have enough food to eat or somewhere to live; then it is understandable if money seems to preoccupy your thoughts. Some people believe that your thoughts create your reality. If you are continually looking at what others have and you don’t have it will compound your sense of loss. We need to focus more on our own journeys instead of concerning ourselves with other peoples. So if you are constantly thinking about what you don’t have according to this theory you will create more of the same. There are people that argue that we should concentrate on things we are grateful for. There is always something your health, family, another day on the planet earth. Try to be grateful for the things you have in your life and you will attract more into your life. You will create abundance where there was little before; and let’s face it what have you got nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain.

However, there are a few people in this world who are not preoccupied with money. Some may choose to work just when they have to and adopt a simple life. Others are following their dreams to be writers, volunteers, artists, or other professions. These people have decided that doing what brings them joy is more important than monetary gain. To these people it doesn’t feel like work and they are more productive and often attract whatever they need to them. These people are filled with appreciation to be doing what they feel they were meant to do. Their lives are full of joy and they generally share their good fortune with others. Sharing is good as money is energy but your attitude to money will determine the energy it attracts. It is a true saying that when you give you receive it back tenfold. How do you give, do you give with the intention of getting something back? Or do you give to bring joy to the other person? There is nothing wrong with enjoying money and the things it can buy but there is a big difference when the “things you buy” begin to own you and you attach your sense of self-worth to them or others.

What are the secrets to attract good energy into your life and having a good relationship with money?  Do what brings you joy what makes you feel alive. If you can’t  do it just now, do it in your free time with a view to eventually doing it full time in the future; be grateful for the chance to do this. Give your gifts, money freely without thought of return or gain. Find something to appreciate every day and when you slip into negative thoughts change that thought and think a more positive one. Finally, sit back and watch abundance flow into your life.


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