Is there anybody out there?

At the risk of being seen as a bit nuts or crazy I am gonna put this out there. I have always believed that there is something out there (in the universe) apart from us. Angels, spirits, guides, god, whatever you prefer to call them is up to you. It’s a personal thing, you decide. I know because I have asked them for assistance and received it many times.

A couple of days ago I sent a message out there, I asked that they (I didn’t discriminate I asked for any loving spirit that wanted to help) to send me an undisputable sign that my writing was doing what I wanted it to do. That is to uplift, inspire, give hope, and assist with healing. I got up the next morning forgetting the request I had sent out there.

I switched on my computer and was playing around, trying to learn new things as I do every day. Whilst I was exploring my WordPress blog I found 47, yes 47, comments in my spam folder. Some were spam of course but the others reduced me to tears of happiness. They were from fellow bloggers, google searches, msn searches etc, they came from all over the world.

They said such amazing things “you have changed my life” “you have helped me where no one else could” etc, etc. I couldn’t believe it, that I had done that. An ordinary 52-year-old housewife, who had a dream and followed it and it, came true. Now I want this feeling for the rest of my life, to feel alive, to feel I am making a difference. It told me that the struggle is worth it and that my love for my readers, is reaching out and being heard. I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe and with it we can move mountains. What do you think?





  1. Well I must be a bit nuts or crazy myself and many others too! I was talking to a friend who I’ve only just got to know and we were talking about the same topic. There are lots of people who feel this way, a lot of us are careful who we talk to about it. It’s amazing when you do, just how many others feel the same way. 🙂

  2. Samuel Solomon

    I used to have readers who would write me privately to tell me how much a post of mine meant to them or had touched them. it meant the world to me and was very much an inspiration for me to keep going, even in the face of much adversity. If my only legacy is having helped or inspired people with a few kind words, or a bit of prose that touched their heart, then it will be a grand legacy indeed, and a blessing from God that I was able to bless others.

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