Heaven and hell a myth or reality?

What do you think about these subjects, are you forever thinking about eternal damnation for that thing you did in 1985, when you were 7 years old? Do you think heaven exists and if it does what would it look like to you? Did you have it drummed into you at an early age to be guilty for every little thing you did? Or was your view of God and loving and compassionate one?

The last thing I am trying to do by writing this post is to anger anyone who has strong religious beliefs. My one and only aim is to get people to think, without bias and make their own minds up. Where do I stand, were am I coming from, well I was brought up as a roman catholic but even before I could understand religion, I had a sense of God. As I grew older I watched and learned how some people, in the name of God justified horrendous actions against their fellow-man. Wars that had been caused by people fought over whose Gods were the best and only true God. In my mind that says more about the competitive nature of human beings than anything else.

We are all entitled to our opinions whatever they may be; it would be a boring world if we all thought the same thing. Even if I do not agree with someone’s opinion, I will defend their right to have it. Until the people’s of the world realise we all connected we will continue to have these problems. We should be embracing our differences rather than pointing them out as faults.

Personally, I think that heaven and hell are states of mind, rather than real places. If we live a life of fear distrusting everyone around us and judging everyone; we attract the same to ourselves that is hell. If we acknowledge who we are and embrace life and all the people we come across, in our journey through life; and we follow are dreams and try to take as many people with us as we can. That is Heaven for me, each person’s interpretation of both will vary as it should, and we are all unique and individual, yet still connected. What a beautiful paradox that is! What are your thoughts on this subject? Please stop by and let me know.


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