The woman with no name

Hi everyone, before you read this, I must warn you that this is not my normal positive or uplifting type post. It is definitely over 18yrs type post and has abusive language in it. So you have been warned. You won’t hear me swear very often but sometimes I do and the narrative calls for it. It is about a subject very close to my heart, Domestic Violence. I wrote to highlight the very real issues these women and men suffer; and it highlight these issue’s so people gain an understanding. To coin a phrase I just made up which had hubby in hysterics ‘ A life without balls is not worth living’ In Athena speak that means sometimes you have to put yourself out there for the things you want to change or believe in. We can all make a difference but it is a choice not an action.

Look bitch, Look!!!”

Peter‘s hand held her hair in a vice like grip, while the other one shoved her face into the shard of jagged mirror. She had broken the cardinal rule by reminding him of her injuries. The children needed picking up from school and she didn’t want to walk into the playground with another black eye.  Read more ….


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