Do we value elderly people?

I May be older than you but I still have alot to offer. Listen to me and you will see, who I am.

Do we as a society, value our older members of society? Many other cultures revere their elderly people such as China. In China the elderly are an active part of the family and often live together. Our own culture has developed in such a way so this is no longer the norm but rather the exception. Yet, it often seems in the UK we do not value the contribution that an older and wiser head can bring to the table.





  1. Athena, I really liked this post. Elders have a lot to teach us and when we can value them, their wisdom and experience, our world will be a better place. – Cathy

    • Thank you Cathy, I am really glad you enjoyed the post.


  1. Keeping the Elderly Fit and Healthy |

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