The day has finally arrived!

The day is finally here and there were times, I don’t mind admitting it; I thought it would never come. My first book has gone live on Amazon. It is an e book and just a short one, to test the waters. This has been my dream since I was a little girl, to be a real live author. It was a pity I didn’t have enough faith in myself in the past. I finally took the plunge at fifty two years old, even though I have been writing on and off for years. It took a breakdown to bring me to this point. I was off work with stress and was desperately looking for something to make me feel better. I couldn’t sit there and do nothing so I wrote and wrote and wrote. I wanted to focus on someone else, rather than myself all the time. I wanted to help to assist and to serve others.

I started a blog, set up a Facebook page and my readers encouraged me with their kind words; and made me feel useful again. I joined a social network for artists called Wana and met others who inspired me, helped me to become a better writer. I finished the book I had started four years ago. (This is being edited as we speak) I will talk about that later. My blog grew, I got more followers and I joined twitter. I made some great friends writers and non-writers.I  really feel I have achieved something, today. Yes, the book has a few errors, bear with me those critics out there; I am still learning after all.  

Today the day I have been waiting for finally arrived and I could hardly speak. I had done it, at last. My first book “Thoughts on Life” by Athena Brady went live. Proof, that we can all follow our dreams and succeed if we have faith in ourselves. If you have a dream hold it close, cherish it and work a little towards it every day, to make it come true.If you have enjoyed reading my blog, you will enjoy the book. Those people who are struggling financially please help yourself; most of the content is available on this website for free. If you can afford to, and would like to, you can find it on Amazon. As I need to eat now and again and it would be nice to earn some money again. I am not very techno savvy and haven’t yet worked out how to embed a short link into this post.( The one I got was miles long; if anyone can help me do it, please get in touch.) IHowever, f you put the title and author name, into the search box on Amazon it will come up. If you do buy my book,  please take the time to write a review. I would mean so much and I value your opinion.

Anyway, enough babbling on, here is the 3D book cover. I am hoping my second book will be out in December, in time for the Xmas market; this will be my first novel, the one I started wrtitng four years ago.I have put my heart and soul into it and dug deep emotionally and I hope you will see that reflected in my writing. It will be priced at the same price as the first one £2.99 as I want to serve first and make a living secondly. It will be vastly different from the first one but its focus is the same; to be of service and give hope and help people heal. Below my first book cover you will find the  second book cover and a synopsis. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this; and please leave a comment if you have time. It will be very much appreciated.

“Thoughts on Life” by Athena Brady

Broken is an account of  the journey of a middle aged woman, who suddenly experiences memories of sexual abuse she has had no recollection of before.  Susan’s journey starts with a feeling that comes out of nowhere and leads her through a process of discovery and healing. The journey is both harrowing and heart breaking, at times she wonders if she will survive it and come out the other side, intact. Susan does not trust easily and she realises that if she is to get through this, she will have to trust the skill of the people helping her. Trust, in itself is a journey for her and she has to reach deep within and confront the demons she has created. She has to lay her deepest darkest fears aside and give herself up to the process. The web of lies that surround her life as she knew it are deep and well hidden; and she must sift through these one by one, to get to the truth. She must question the motives of the people closest to her and deal with the fall out of these actions on herself and others.

Assisted by her long-time ally, her brother Kevin they dissect their family history and finally arrive at the truth. When they do, Susan realises that her life has been a carefully constructed fantasy and she no longer knows who she is. Susan realises that she has always suffered with low self-esteem and she has put others before herself, for most of her life; becoming the person, she thought they wanted her to be. She knows the first step to recovery is self-love but it seems so alien to her. Eventually, she comes to the conclusion, that her life is now a blank page that she can and will recover. On this blank page she can become the person she wants to become. The second step is using what she has learned, to reach out to others to assist them in their own journeys to recovery.  Only then will the pain have been worth the gain.

Take Care,



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  1. Well done! Guess what? I’m 52, never written before. I started a blog 12 weeks ago, joined Facebook, set up a Facebook page for the blog and joined Twitter. Sounds familiar?
    My reason? I’m studying Cognitive Hypnotherapy and graduate in January. A new chapter for me.
    I hope you love yours.

    • Thank you Tony for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope you enjoy your new chapter in life.

  2. Congratulations, Athena!

  3. Congratulations Athena. So excited for you. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much, your encouragement means alot.

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