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Hello everyone and thank you for popping by to read this month’s reviews. It has been difficult this month to get through all my reading with Christmas & New Year. I have finally managed it, by giving myself an extra shove and a few late nights. As I mentioned in my first book review post “Would you like a free book review” I give my honest opinion to all the authors, who submit their books for me to review. However, unlike other reviewers I will not give a bad review. As all we writers are in different stages of development. If for any reason I cannot say anything good, then neither will I say anything negative; I will just not review that book. As I refuse to take part in demoralizing anyone, who may with more practise become the next J.K Rowling. There are enough critics in the world without me becoming one of them and it is not what I am about.

All you authors out there, can rest assured that my review will be honest and fair. In my first post, I chose what books to review and the authors kindly left their comments. Now it has taken off so much, that I have a waiting list. So I send a big thank you, to all you supporters out there. If you are a reader you can ask me to review a book before you buy it, or if you are an author you can request a review of your book. Anyway, without further ado, here are January’s reviews.

“End Games” by William Louis GardenerEnd Games

This book is packed with action from start to finish; it opens with the main character Astrid and her faithful servant Mojo, facing a possible flogging and imprisonment from the government. Astrid’s crime was to retaliate when a poacher killed one of her orphan animals, a baby elephant; who she has hand reared. Her father Helmet is trying to keep her out of jail but is scared that he

may fail. Mark is in love with Astrid and she is fond of him. He is gathering evidence about an organised gang of poachers, who have government protection from corrupt politicians. Many people want to silence Mark before he presents his evidence.

Clay is a well-known hunter who wants to kill Ahmed the biggest elephant in the country, at any cost. Ahmed is a national treasure and he is protected by the president, who feels a special affinity with the elephant. Tim, Clay’s son, shares none of his father’s bloodthirsty traits.

Jim wants to shoot a film in Africa and needs footage of their biggest elephant Ahmed. He is accompanied by Julia a married woman, who is in love with him. If you like action packed stories, you will love this book as it does not disappoint. If you have an affinity for our diminishing wildlife this book will inform you. I learnt a lot reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Well done William.

You can find Williams book here

“Thursdays in the Park” by Hilary Boyd

Thursdays in the Park

Jeanie’s life is happily ticking along in a long term marriage, until she is hit with a bolt out of the blue. George her husband, after a failed attempt at lovemaking decides their sex life is over. Jeanie is crushed and she doesn’t know if she has done something wrong or whether he is having an affair or it is some other reason. As George refuses point blank to discuss it and moves out of the martial bedroom and installs himself spare room. Then, George carries on, as though nothing has happened.

This situation continues for ten years, until one day in the park she meets a man called Ray. They start a casual conversation as their grandchildren play and that leads onto a friendship. As their friendship deepens Ray makes it clear, that he is attracted to Jeanie. After much soul searching, Jeanie admits to herself, that she too, has feelings in return. Will Jeanie and Ray ever get together with everything against them? 

Jeanie fighting her feelings, George wants to move to the country and her son in law is making her lose the will to live, with his antics. I found this book funny, sad, emotional and uplifting. It just goes to prove, that love does not have an age limit. Already a best seller, this is a must read book. Well done Hilary, you can find Hilary’s book here.

Hilary also has a second book called “Tangled Lives” and you can find that here.

(The Rising) The Lost Children of Managrail

By Aron Joice

The rising The lost Children of Managrail

As the book opens, a wilful and headstrong Lila drags her twin brother Simian, into yet another of her adventures. The young Prince and Princess of Managrail have lived a cosseted and protected lifestyle; and are not prepared for life outside Managrail. They get lost and the Queen, when they do not return; sends her champion Bramon to find them. The twins spend a fretful night in the forest stalked by the Fergay. Who hunt at night in packs and devour any living thing in sight.

The Fergay communicate telepathically to each other and are skilled and vicious opponents from which, few escape. The twins meet Cayda and Medack, who have lost all their family and friends and become allies to save Managrail from attack from the Fergay. Just when the four friends think their lives can start again, Lila is kidnapped. A dark spirit has attached itself to Lila and Shantra a dark force is planning to use her to get the thing she desires most. Which are the sacred magical stones of Managrail. Shantra needs them, to escape the White Realm where she has been banished to many years ago.

Simian must join force with Arilya the Queen of Lapis and all the other magical tribes, to defeat the evil sorceress Shantra. He must be prepared for the fight of his life and to kill his own beloved sister Lila, if necessary. I found this author’s imagination captured me and lifted me effortlessly into another world. I could see this book as a fantasy film for children and adults alike and it was a pleasure to review it.   Aron Joice, I believe, has the a skilful imagination, on a par with writers such as Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) J.K Rowling (Harry Potter) Well done Aron, you can find Aron’s book here

I hope you enjoyed this month’s book reviews and will pop in again soon. Thank you for dropping by and please leave a comment, they are so appreciated. I always reply personally to every comment. If you would like a book reviewed as a reader or author please contact me at   I do have a waiting list and operate on a first come first served policy. All review applicants are requested to leave a comment on the blog officially requesting a review, before they email me. In February’s Book Reviews I will be talking about the following books.

(1)           “Sorrows Fall” by Davonne Burns

(2)           “Cutters vs Jocks” by Elizabeth Marx

(3)           “The 7 things that made me Genuinely & irreversibly Happy” by Rohan Healey

Thank you so much for dropping by,

Take care.


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  1. Hi Athena, I’d love you to review one (or both) of my new e-book releases and will be dropping you a line. I am a former winner of the Daily Mail First Novel award and issued a double release on Christmas Day: I Stopped Time and These Fragile Things. Jane Davis

    • Hi Jane, I would be please to review your book and mention the second one in the review. I am full up now until April. So I will put you on the list for then.

      • Athena,

        That would be perfect. Will you contact me when you are ready or shall I email the manuscript now?


      • Hi Jan, if you could e mail it to me now please, either kindle or pdf. I look forward to reading your book, feel free to add me on twitter too

  2. Hi Athena, thank you so much for such a lovely review of The Rising. You have made my day by putting me in such good company as Rowling and Carroll. What can I say? Wow! You are a delight. Please keep up on your wonderful site; I so enjoy your posts.

    • Thank you Aron, you are an amazing writer and I am sure you have will a lot of success I appreciate that you read my other posts as well.

  3. Hi Athena, I want to say thank you for a wonderful review. I’m glad that you enjoyed reading the book, and am happy to know that you were able to learn a few things from it. Elephants are magnificent animals and I am glad that people have been able to read the book and go through that experience. You are just a great reviewer and I am grateful to have stumbled into your world. Keep up what you are doing, I see that you are passionate in what you do and that’s what makes life good. Wonderful reviews, and thank you again.

    -William Louis Gardner

    • Thank you William, I really enjoyed your book and felt I was there. I am sure you will have a lot of sucess with it. Good luck with your other book and keep in touch.

  4. Hi, Athena I’d like for you to review my book.

    • Hi Luke, I would be happy to review your book. I have one space left on April’s Book Reviews. I look forward to reading your book.

  5. rohan7things

    Great reviews this month Athena! Can’t wait for February’s post for obvious reasons haha 🙂

    All the best!


    • Hi Rhonan, I wonder why haha! I am loving it so far. If you want a review for your dads book let me know. I hope you will still visit after Febuary.thanks for stopping by and taking the time out of your busy day to leave a comment.

      • rohan7things

        Oh of course, don’t worry I’ll be back 🙂

        I’m glad you’re enjoying the book! I’ve been overwhelmed with the response so far, really pleased 🙂

        All the best with your upcoming reviews, take care Athena!


  6. Thank you for the pingback, it is much appreciated.


  1. And now, without further ado, a review! | Suddenly they all died. The end.

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