Giving something Back Post 4


Hello everyone and thank you for tuning into post 4. This week has been busy week like most are. I have spent quite a lot of time at a new online magazine. I was invited there by a twitter friend Joseph Ephraim. The magazine I am talking about is The New Yorker Times. There are possible job opportunities here for artists and you can sign up.

If you decide to pop over, please add me as a friend and join my groups. It is a lovely lively and friendly site with members from all over the world. There are lots of interesting articles to read or if you just want to chat with other people that is fine to. This magazine will be what we make of it, as a community. So jump in there and make your mark. Don’t miss this great opportunity to shape your own future and the future of others.

I have found you some amazing bloggers this week. So let’s give a big shout out to all those talented artists out there.

Read More … but before you click the link can all you regulars please follow me on my own website please, rather than here. As I am trying to redirect the traffic to there.


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