Giving Something Back 9


Hello everyone here we are again at my usual weekly shout out for all those great blogs in the blogasphere. Every week I try to find you something different to look at.

Great blogs stick out they catch our attention and teach us things. They can make us laugh or comfort us, when we realize that someone else has the same problem we do. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection and don’t forget to come back and tell me what you think. All you bloggers out there why don’t you “play it forward” and start your own weekly shout out for blogs you love to read regularly or come across in your week. Read more …



  1. Great list on your other site!

    • Hi Alison, the other site is my own website I am hoping people will all migrate there. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment it is appreciated.

      • Good to know! I will migrate that way, too!

      • Thanks Alison, I love your blog and will book a blog tour soon when “Broken” is finished. I still post a little of the posts on this one as people keep following here and responding here and I don’t want to let my readers down and appreciate their continued support.

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