Athena Brady’s March 2013 Book Reviews

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Firstly, I apologize that this month’s reviews are late. Due to being ill, I got behind on my reading. This month I have a wide range of books for you. The first one will keep you on the edge of your seats until the last minute. The second is not for people who are offended by explicit sexual language. It is a love story that does not hold back but is interesting and sensual. I think this book could be read by both women and men. The third book explores grief and healing in the form of one man’s journey. It is the perfect gift for anyone who is going through this process. It is a seekers book for people who look outside the box of life. If you enjoy spiritual type books, this one will not disappoint. I hope you all enjoy this month’s reviews as much as I have enjoyed reading them. The links underneath the reviews, will take you straight to the books if you choose to buy them.

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