The Homes of Great Writers

I thought I would share this great post with you all,

101 Books

We all have a little bit of voyeur in us, right?

That’s why reality shows, celebrity magazines, and tours of celeb homes are so popular.

I’ll admit that famous houses intrigue me. I mean, I’m not going to buy a house just because so and so lived in it, but I think it’s cool and interesting to look at the homes of famous people.

So when a friend sent me a link to this website, my eyes lit up.

Not only is the idea behind this site pretty awesome–photos of the homes of famous authors–the site itself is easy to navigate and really well done. You can search by author, state, city, and country to see your favorite author’s house, if it’s included.

I included a few of my favorite author homes below (image credits at bottom of page). How cool is this?

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