Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

You must see this video, its amazing, a man in labour.

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I usually bring up topics that are all girlie, but that isn’t fair. So,  today let’s even things out a bit. Today, I want to talk about how tough guys are.

I mean, there’s a ton of guy-stuff  they can do better than us. Like punch things… grill outdoors… kill spiders. In the battle of the sexes, they prove to be stronger in many ways, including their tolerance for pain.

But, there is one thing they haven’t tried to do.

Recently, a Dr. Andrew Rochford  decided to conduct a little experiment, using himself as a guinea pig. He put himself to the ultimate test. Here’s what happened:


What do you think about Dr. Rochford’s experiment? The test built slowly to simulate real labor, but I’m curious about how those little zappers feel. If you put them on a woman who has experienced childbirth, would she agree that the “contractions” were…

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