Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Broken Chapter Two

Hello and welcome, last week I revealed “Broken” the first chapter, today, is chapter two. Please take the time, to leave me a comment. I value your opinions good or bad. As writers we put our heart and souls into our writing, in an attempt to get our message across. Although this book is a …

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Today, I Reveal “Broken” the first chapter

This book has been a long time coming, it has taken me quite a few years to write. It has been picked up and put down, more times than I can remember. It is about a subject close to my heart, child abuse and it is told from a very different angle, than most books …

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Bloggers for Peace Challenge July 2013

This month’s challenge for Bloggers for Peace 2013 is to write a letter of peace and send it out to the universe. I am a little late posting but here goes. Dear Universe, Thank you for bringing so many wonderful friends my way. Thank for guiding and nudging me in directions I sometimes didn’t want …

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