Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

You must see this video, its amazing, a man in labour.

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I usually bring up topics that are all girlie, but that isn’t fair. So,  today let’s even things out a bit. Today, I want to talk about how tough guys are.

I mean, there’s a ton of guy-stuff  they can do better than us. Like punch things… grill outdoors… kill spiders. In the battle of the sexes, they prove to be stronger in many ways, including their tolerance for pain.

But, there is one thing they haven’t tried to do.

Recently, a Dr. Andrew Rochford  decided to conduct a little experiment, using himself as a guinea pig. He put himself to the ultimate test. Here’s what happened:


What do you think about Dr. Rochford’s experiment? The test built slowly to simulate real labor, but I’m curious about how those little zappers feel. If you put them on a woman who has experienced childbirth, would she agree that the “contractions” were…

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How do we teach the concept of peace to children?


In order to get a message across to others we need to speak their language. Find common ground between us and the people we want to teach. How do our children learn best, maybe it could be through play and interaction with the world around them?



Giving Something Back 14


Hello this week in “Giving Something Back” we have posts that discuss various subjects. We take a look at appreciation, poverty, success and art. After you have finished these we have our usual shout out for Blogger for Peace 2013. I hope you enjoy the choices I have made this week and come back and tell me which you resonated with you the most.

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Giving Something Back 13


Hello, it nice to be back giving a shout out for all those wonderful artists out there. This week we have art, poetry, a real life journal and a post about the late Margaret Thatcher. We also have our regular shout out for Bloggers For Peace 2013 and the related articles are also great reading.


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Giving Something Back 12


So here we are again, at the regular Saturday post that shouts out for all those great bloggers out there. I can’t believe that I have been doing this for three months now. If you feel like doing something similar on your own blog, please do so. Give something back to our writing community, I promise you will be glad you did. This week we have another great line up of fabulous bloggers to showcase, so here we go.

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Athena Brady’s April Book Reviews

Image for book reviews

Hello everyone and welcome to Aprils book reviews. This month I have three very different books for you. I can’t believe it was November last year, that I started these reviews. This will be my seventh and I have made some wonderful friends along the way.

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The Homes of Great Writers

I thought I would share this great post with you all,

101 Books

We all have a little bit of voyeur in us, right?

That’s why reality shows, celebrity magazines, and tours of celeb homes are so popular.

I’ll admit that famous houses intrigue me. I mean, I’m not going to buy a house just because so and so lived in it, but I think it’s cool and interesting to look at the homes of famous people.

So when a friend sent me a link to this website, my eyes lit up.

Not only is the idea behind this site pretty awesome–photos of the homes of famous authors–the site itself is easy to navigate and really well done. You can search by author, state, city, and country to see your favorite author’s house, if it’s included.

I included a few of my favorite author homes below (image credits at bottom of page). How cool is this?

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Thoughts of Ghana


I am no great expert on Ghana, so I apologize to those of you that are but I did once spend a month traveling around there. I found the Ghanese people to be peace loving and happy with just a few precious possessions. Things that you or I, would definably argue are basic needs, such as food water and shelter.

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What does it mean to be broken?


This post is for all those people out there, who have come across broken people. How do you deal with it, do you snigger behind their backs or make jokes at their expense? Do you try to understand to help and understand them, only to give up exasperated? Have you tried everything you could possibly think of tried to encourage them to get a job, go out more, get a grip. Is their brokenness embarrassing for you socially? Does it make you feel at a loss for how to help them support them? Or are you just sick of the whole scenario to your back teeth?

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Athena Brady’s March 2013 Book Reviews

Image for book reviews

Firstly, I apologize that this month’s reviews are late. Due to being ill, I got behind on my reading. This month I have a wide range of books for you. The first one will keep you on the edge of your seats until the last minute. The second is not for people who are offended by explicit sexual language. It is a love story that does not hold back but is interesting and sensual. I think this book could be read by both women and men. The third book explores grief and healing in the form of one man’s journey. It is the perfect gift for anyone who is going through this process. It is a seekers book for people who look outside the box of life. If you enjoy spiritual type books, this one will not disappoint. I hope you all enjoy this month’s reviews as much as I have enjoyed reading them. The links underneath the reviews, will take you straight to the books if you choose to buy them.

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