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Whats life all about?

Over the last few days I found myself struggling with this age-old question. The impact of the new moon was cruel and unrelenting and refused to loosen its grip on me. Dragging me unwillingly, to places I did not want to go, into a place we all try to avoid. The darkness that resides inside …

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Broken Chapter Three

Hi everyone thanks for tuning in for chapter three of “Broken”. I have decided that I will publish one more chapter next week so that will be four in all. If you are visiting in for the first time you can the link for find chapter one below.  http://wp.me/p2zG6L-eA and chapter two underneath here. http://wp.me/p2zG6L-eG

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What does Human in Recovery mean?

What does Human in Recovery mean?. please visitors take time to read this blog. It is simply another human being reaching out. if we cannot spare 5 minutes for our fellow humans, it is indeed a poor world. I want to live in a world where we connect with each other whenever we can.

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